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FPO - 600x600
Joe Murphy, Esq. CCEP, CCEP-I

Senior Advisor, Compliance Strategists


FPO - 600x600
Roy Snell, CHC, CCEP-F

CEO, Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics

Executive Editor

FPO - 600x400
Charles Elson

Chair in Corporate Governance, University of Delaware

FPO - 600x400
Odell Guyton, Esq, CCEP, CCEP-I

VP Global Compliance, Jabil Circuit, Inc.  

FPO - 600x400
Rebecca Walker, JD

Partner Kaplan & Walker LLP

FPO - 600x400
Rick Kulevich

Senior Director Ethics & Compliance CDW Corporation

FPO - 600x400
Greg Triguba, JD, CCEP, CCEP-I

Senior Practice Leader, Affiliated Monitors, Inc.

FPO - 600x400
Zsuzsa Eifert, CCEP-I

Group Compliance Officer, T-Mobile

FPO - 600x400
Constantine Karbaliotis, JD, CCEP-I


FPO - 600x400
Andrijana Bergant, CCEP-I

Compliance Office Manager, Triglav

FPO - 600x400
Mónica Ramírez Chimal, MBA

Managing Director, Asserto

FPO - 600x400
Garrett Williams, CPCU

Assistant Vice President, State Farm

FPO - 600x400
Vera Rossana Martini Wanner, CCEP-I

Legal/Compliance, Gerdau